Foods to avoid

The foods listed here are all high FODMAP, as instructed by Monash Univeristy researchers.

Fruit ( fresh, dried, juice) 

Apple Dates Peach Prune Tinned fruit in pear juice
Apricot Goji Berry Persimmon (sharon fruit) Water melon
Blackberry Nectarine Plum Tinned fruit in apple juice

Vegetables (fresh, dried, canned)

Chickpeas Lentils Chicory root Mushroom Dried garlic / onion
Broad beans Baked beans Garlic Red Onion Onion / garlic extract
Soy beans Kidney beans Jerusalem artichoke White Onion Garlic / onion powder
Black eyed peas Split peas Karela Shallots Garlic / onion puree
Butter beans Cauliflower Leek Spring onion (white part) Garlic or onion salt

Garlic and onion in supermarket products

Flavoured crisps Gravy Pasta sauces Marinades Soups
Dressings Ready meals Sauces Cooking sauces Stock and stock cubes

Added polyols and fructan ingredients (check for sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol, isomalt,)

Sugar free mints Sugar free sweets Some protein powders and supplements Inulin Prebiotic
Sugar free chewing gum Sugar free chocolate FOS Oligofructose

Nuts and seeds

Cashews Pistachios Any with garlic flavouring


Chicory Chai tea Dandelion tea Oolong tea Caffeinated drinks
Coconut water Chamomile tea Fennel tea Rum / desert wine Fizzy drinks

Fructose (found in some yoghurts, jams, breakfast cereals, sweet sauces, savoury sauces and snack bars)

Fruit juice concentrate in sweets Agave nectar Fructose Glucose – fructose syrup High fructose corn syrup
Honey Tropical juices Fructose syrup Fructose – glucose syrup High fructose corn syrup solids

Lactose / Dairy

Whole milk Milk powder Fromage frais Cottage cheese Whey
Skimmed milk Evaporated milk Ice cream Cream cheese Milk solids
Semi-skimmed milk Condensed milk Custard Halloumi cheese Skimmed milk powder
Goat milk Whole milk Yoghurt Processed cheese Ricotta Lactose
Sheep milk Low fat yoghurt Cheese slices Quark
Buttermilk Drinking yoghurt Reduced fat cheddar Low fat soft cheese


Wheat Rye Wheat cereals Museli Shredded Wheat
Bulgar wheat Barley Bran cereals Wheat bran Weetabix
Couscous Amaranth All bran Wheat Germ Bran flakes
Semolina Freekeh Cheerios Spelt flakes

Bread, Pasta, Noodles and Pastry

White bread Focaccia Pizza Spelt pasta Bread crumbs
Wholemeal bread Panini White flour Gnocchi Batter
Multigrain bread Naan bread Wholemeal flour Egg noodles Shortcrust pastry
Pumpernickel bread Chapatti Plain and self raising flour Hokkein Puff pastry
Soda bread Croissants Rye flour Udon Flaky pastry
Sourdough Muffins Barley flour Pot noodles Filo pastry
Rye bread Brioche Spelt flour Supernoodles Pies
Pitta bread Pastries Soya flour Ramen Quiche
Ciabatta Garlic bread All fresh and dried wheat pasta All wheat pastry Pasties

Biscuits, Cakes and Snacks

Water biscuits Cream crackers Shortbread Fruit cake Lemon drizzle
Crispbreads Spelt crackers Rich tea Fairy cakes Bakewell tart
Rye crispbreads All wheat flour cakes and biscuits Custard creams Victoria sponge Jaffa cakes
Wheat crackers Digestives Cookies Chocolate cake


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