FODMAP friendly food

All of the food below has been certified ‘low FODMAP’ by Monash University researchers (the guys who developed the diet).


Ackee Clementine Kiwifruit Papaya Rhubarb
Banana Cranberries Lemon Passion fruit Startfruit
Blueberry Currants Lime Pineapple Strawberry
Breadfruit Grapes Mandarin Raisins
Cantaloupe Melon Honeydew Melon Orange Raspberry

Fruits that can be eaten in small amounts

Cherries < 3 (21g) Dried coconut <3tbs (48g) Grapefruit ½ medium (104g) Lychee <5 (52g) Pomegranate ½ small (38g)
Tamarind <5 (8g)



Alfalfa Chard / Swiss chard Ginger Plantain Swede
Aubergine Chicory leaves Green beans Potato Tomato
Bamboo shoot Chilli Kale Pumpkin Turnip
Beansprouts Chives Lettuce (butter, iceberg, radicchio, red coral) Radish Water chestnuts
Cabbage (white, red) Choy Sum Olives (black and green) Rocket Yam
Callaloo (tinned) Courgette Pak choy Seaweed (Nori)
Carrot Cucumber Parsnip Spinach
Celeriac Endive Pepper (green, orange, red, yellow) Spring onion (only green part)

Vegetables that can be eaten in small amounts

Artichoke hearts <3tbs (28g) Beetroot < 4 slices (29g) Butternut squash < 3tbs (30g) Fennel bulb < 3tbs (49g) Peas <2tbs (18g)
Asparagus < 3 spears (30g) Broccoli < 3 tbs (47g) Cassava <4 tbs (104g) Mange tout < 5 pods (17g) Sweet corn < 3tbs (43g) or ½ cob
Avocado < ¼ (40g) Brussels sprouts < 5 (76g) Celery , ½ stick (19g) Okra 6 pods (60g) Sweet potato < 3 tbs

Herbs and spices 

Basil Curry leaves Five spice Parsley Salt
Cardamom Cloves Ginger Paprika Star anise
Chilli Coriander seed Lemon grass Pepper Tarragon
Chives Cumin Mustard seeds Rosemary Thyme
Cinnamon Fenugreek leaves / seeds Nutmeg Saffron Tumeric

Savoury flavours and condiments 

Capers Shrimp Paste Mustard Tamarind sauce (<3 tbs) Worcestershire sauce
Coconut milk Lemon juice Oyster sauce < 2 tbs Vinegar (white, rice) Jam
Garlic infused Oil (strained) Lime juice Peanut butter / nut butter Balsamic vinegar (<1 tbs) Marmalade
Fish sauce Miso paste Spring onion (green part) Wasabi powder Olive oil / sesame Oil

Nuts and seeds

Brazil Egusi seeds Pecans Pumpkin seeds Walnuts
Chestnuts Macadamia nuts Pine nuts Sesame seeds Almonds < 10
Chia seeds Peanuts Poppy seeds (white / black) Sunflower seeds Hazelnuts < 10

Dairy and dairy alternatives

Coconut milk Rice milk Dark chocolate Mozzarella Swiss cheese
Lactose free milk Soya Milk (<60ml) 30g max milk or white chocolate Blue cheese 2 tbs max soft / cream cheese
Nut milk Lactose free yoghurt Cheddar cheese Edam 2 slices max halloumi
Oat Milk Lactose free ice cream Feta cheese Pecorino Soya custard (Alpro)
Lactose free butter Lactose free cream Goats cheese Soya custard (Alpro)

Gluten / wheat alternatives 

Rice (white, brown, basmati) Buckwheat Gluten free bread Gluten free pasta Corncakes
Rice bran Milllet 100% sourdough spelt bread Rice noodles / buckwheat noodles Oat cakes
Oats Polenta Gluten free flour (rice, maize, sorghum, teff, potato, polenta) Rice krispies / corn flakes Plain / ready salted crisps
Oat bran Quinoa Corn flour Rice crackers Gluten free pastry

All fresh meat, poultry, fish and eggs are low FODMAP. 


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